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Date 5/1/23

Dear Love’s Boxing membership,

Since Love’s Boxing inception, we’ve strived to be more than just a stereotypical boxing gym. By building character and instilling positive values we help our boxers/members develop the qualities of great champions, both in and out of the boxing ring. Love’s Boxing fosters a community spirit and develops healthy, confident participants that extend outside of our gym walls.

After experiencing moderately rising costs for the last year, we have refrained from membership adjustments. However – it is now necessary to continue to survive, operate, provide the service we want to provide and to enable us to invest and continue to raise the standard of the gym.

Beginning 7/1/23,

Monthly Adult Membership will increase to 59.99
Monthly Kids Membership will increase to 34.99
Monthly Family Membership will increase 59.99 for first family member, and $30 for each family member added. A minimum of 3 family members is required for family membership. (Family member must live in same household)
Day Pass remains at 10.00
6-month membership package will increase to $330
Our Annual membership Package will increase to $600

Thank you for your loyalty and continued support!
Warm regards,

Owners, President & Vice President
Michael Bryant & John Burt


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What We Stand For

Fall River’s boxing history can be traced as far back as Nathan "Nat" Bor (March 1, 1913 – June 13, 1972) who won a light weight bronze medal at the 1932 Summer Olympics. I’m sure there was many before, and I certainly know there have been many after. The issue is, traditions have been lost, gyms have closed their doors, creativity has been a thing of past, and our youth have succumbed to technology. Now technology certainly isn’t a bad thing, however we believe it may interfere with a healthy mind, body and spirit. We wish to collaborate with other local gym's, and support local fitness centers. At Love's Boxing and Fitness, our approach, goals, and objectives will undeniably make us a much needed resource in our community.

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